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Our Story

The Runaway Greek is more than a project, it is a labour of love that is near to my heart. Having Greek roots, Greek cooking and food has always been a passion. However, my father was the first to bring the idea of the Runaway Greek to my attention. He wanted our family to develop a sustainable, easy, and fun way to spread my love from cooking to our small community, and watch it grow. While my father has sadly passed away, he is one of the true inspirations behind the Runaway Greek.


It is our hope and goal that the Runaway Greek will reach as many people as possible and create a popular and healthy food choice for members of this community to enjoy. To reach as many people as possible, we created a mobile venue to diversify the options for people in the surrounding Niagara areas to choose great new Mediterranean tasty options.


In the future we would love to be able to expand by possibly opening a second food-truck in order to continue spreading our love and passion for Greek food to more communities and cities near and far.

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